Ao Dai photography tour in Vietnam's yellow city: Take portrait photos with Japanese bridge, ancient houses, Hoai river in Hoi An

Ao Dai photography tour in Vietnam's yellow city: Take portrait photos with Japanese bridge, ancient houses, Hoai river in Hoi An

Explore the most famous ancient town in Vietnam with an experienced photographer. The photographer will take pictures for you in most of the typical beautiful scenes in Hoi An such as: Japanese bridge, streets with many lanterns, old houses and romantic Hoai River scene.

Photo tour with Ao Dai in Hoi An ancient town takes 2 hours. One hour is still enough for a set of Ao Dai photos. The photographer will optimize your photography time and select the typical scenes for you.

In Hoi An old town, the photographer will take you for a walk along the main roads and the road next to the river. In two hours, you can see and take pictures with ancient houses, yellow walls and alleys, bougainvillea (in summer), ancient houses by the river. In the evening, the photographer will guide you to take pictures with lanterns, take a boat on the river (if you request).

We wanted to take as many pictures as possible so that you can put them together into a travel diary. You can use images (we send them via Google Drive/Google Photos) to share on social networks, print, store privately.

On average, we will send our customers 150-300 best original image files (we take unlimited photos to find the best photos for you, 500 - 1000 original files on average). You can reselect 20-30 photos to edit (color, layout, details). If you select multiple images, we are happy to edit them further for you at no extra cost.

Visitors can move themselves from your location to the photo location. Find out how to get from Da Nang to Hoi An and vice versa here. In the ancient town of Hoi An, we often meet customers at the Japanese bridge (picture can be seen on the 20,000 VND banknote). Photo sessions can also start from other locations. The photographer will move to your location.

If you need to take photos at another location in Hoi An or Da Nang, let us know so we can plan a photo shoot together. Hoi An Ancient Town is often preferred for its ancient and special space.

Visitors can buy or rent Ao Dai. Ao Dai has many different colors and versions, including classic ao dai and modern ao dai. You can choose to buy ready-made ao dai at Han market or shops in Hoi An ancient town with prices from 500,000 VND or more, depending on the material and style. The price of renting ao dai usually starts from 150,000 VND. Check out some ao dai rental shops here.

Ao Dai is a traditional costume, often worn by Vietnamese people on holidays, Lunar New Year or other events. There are many versions of Ao Dai for women, couples and children.

Conical hats and lotus flowers are two accessories that should be used with Ao Dai. The price of conical hats from 50,000 VND/1 conical hat, lotus flowers from 100,000 VND/1 bunch. This price is basic, may vary based on where you buy.

Khoi Studio is a photographer with more than 10 years of experience in Da Nang. We strive to find interesting photos for our clients, instead of working in an 'industrial style'. Customers should create the best conditions for photographers, so that they can take good pictures for you.

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